The Incident

Lexi was so excited to go on the rope swing. The adrenalin was racing through her veins. Lexi got attached she was excited. We started to pull and we let go…
It all started when Lewis had a bright idea. He wanted to go to the pool swing at the Grand Canyon. Lexi the bright bubbly girl was keen on the idea. Zoe the encouraging person and the party throw was jumping for joy.
An hour later, Lexi, Lewis and Zoe found themselves at the Grand Canyon rope swing. Lexi as brave as a lion said “I am on first” with a big smile on her face. The worker pulls out a harness and attaches it to Lexi. Lexi is ready to go. As she is released, Lewis and Zoe realise that the safety rope isn't attached to her! "LEXI!" They yell.
The worker stood in shock. Zoe started crying. Lewis screamed to Zoe and the worker to help pull on the rope swing. SNAP! BANG! CRASH! They peered over the edge in horror. The rope snapped and she fell fifty metres below.
The end result was near fatal. Lexi got air lifted off the edge of the cliff and went to the nearest hospital. Lewis and Zoe went to visit Lexi. “How are you feeling Lexi?” Said Zoe. “I'm okay just a few broken bones and a sore head," Lexi replied. "Sorry Lexi, maybe the rope swing was a bad idea,” said Lewis. Lexi sat up in her bed and said, "Are you, kidding let's go again next weekend!" Zoe shrugged, “I guess life is a roller coaster!" Lexi, Zoe and Lewis all laughed together.