Slaughter House

Dark walls, blood and dark black ground. I looked around and I heard a door open and I saw the sun. There were meat hooks, stun guns and dead animals. There was a man, he had a knife in one hand and a saw blade in the other. He was heading to a table and he was putting the saw blade on a machine.
I said to him ‘What are you doing?” The man said to be quiet and don’t talk. I was too weak to get up and run away so I sat there in the corner. He was walking to the door and I said, “Where are you going?” He answered to me, “Don’t talk or watch out!”
He closed the door and the room was dark again and it stank. I did not like it there and I didn’t know why I was there, I was scared. I didn’t like it there, then he came back. He opened up the door and turned on a light, it was bright. The room lit up and all of these sharp things were in the room. I tried to crawl over to the door.
He turned on the machine and he grabbed an animal off a meat hook. I was scared that he would chop me up. He chopped off the animal’s head and he chopped up the animal. I asked for some water, he said, “Just wait.”
I was still sitting in the corner waiting in the room. He came back with a bucket of water. He put the bucket on the table and I asked for a drink. “NO!!” he says.