Han And The Bees

Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

Once upon a time there was an owner. The owner's name was Han and he owned bees. Han liked the bees because the bees made honey, but the bees can sting you as well. Did you know they sting you if they get mad, angry or terrified? So, one day the owner decided to get more flowers for the bees. So, the owner took the flowers and went home but the problem was that there was no more pollen for the bees. Han said, "I wasted soil for no reason."
A month passed, now it was summer. The owner went back to the farm but the farmer said wait until spring. Now it was spring and flowers like spring so Han asked the farmer "How could I get my bees back to the farm?" The farmer said, "The only way you could get your bees back is to go to a different country and continent and find them."
The owner went to Senegal, then from Senegal to Greenland which is part of Denmark. The owner continued from Greenland to Denmark but the owner could still not find the bees so he went home. Han waited for another year for the bees to come back but they didn't so he tried again.
The owner Han went to Senegal again, then from Senegal to Libya and guess what? The bees were in Libya! Han put the bees in a jar and flew from Libya to Brazil and then back to Australia. Han opened the jar and the bees went back to his flowers. He was now happy because he got his bees back.


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