The Broken Phone

It was one warm, nice sunset in Perth. Lily is a 15-year-old girl who loves to play netball. She has a brother called Ethan. Ethan is 6 years old. Lily also has a baby sister called Ava. Ava is 2 months old. Lily is at home on the couch watching tv because she has nothing to do.
Suddenly she heard a ding coming from her phone because one of her friends asked her to go out for dinner. As she heard her phone ding, she shouted "WHERE DID MY PHONE GO?" Her brother heard her and shouted back "YOUR PHONE IS ON YOUR BED." As Lily listened to her brother she ran to her room and saw her friend Isabella asking her to go out for dinner with her. Lily picked up her phone and as she tried to reply her phone slipped out of her hand. Her phone fell and hit the ground. Phone hit the ground and smashed into pieces. Lily shouted, "NO WHAT HAPPENED HOW AM I GOING TO REPLY BACK ISABELLA?”
Lily was upset that her phone smashed. ‘What am I going to do now?’ she wondered. Maybe I might go to Isabella's house to see what time we should go. "WOW that was a long walk to her house" said Lily. DING DONG, "ANYONE HOME?" Apparently, there was no one home. How am I going to message Isabella? What am I going to do now? Magically a fairy god mother appeared "AHHH WHO ARE YOU?" Lily shouted. "I am your Fairy God Mother, I will grant you one wish." “Ok" said Lily. "My wish is for a new apple phone." "Your wish is granted." The Fairy god mother replied. "Oh, thank you Fairy god mother" said Lily. "Goodbye my darling" the Fairy god mother said. Now that Lily got a new phone, she can massage her friend to pick her up. A few minutes later her friend comes to pick her up. Then they lived happily ever after.