The Opposite World

Broom, broom! I am in my mum’s car, headed to my new school. SLAM! I shut the car door and walked up the cold, wet stairs. It was raining last night. I took a deep breath. One knock on the brown, wooden door to my new life. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! A man dressed in a navy suit with a red tie opened the door. 'Hello Mack, your dad told me ALL about you. Welcome to North Beach High School. I'm your new principal,' he said, 'come in.'
'Excuse me Sir, can I do show and tell today?’ I asked.
'Of course! Besides, it is your first day. What are you going to do?' He questioned.
'My parents bought me spy goggles.' I answered.
'Cool! Can I see them?' He asked.
I put them on. Then I saw something. I took them off and looked in the same spot. Nothing. It's a ghost block. I read about them in a book called The Big Book of Ghosts! I should be able to fall through it. I will see it at recess.
Ding! The bell rang. I ran down the stairs and ate my apple as fast as possible. I ran to the block and stood on it. SPLASH! I fell through the block into a puddle. I got up and walked to a distant light. When I arrived, there was a multicoloured chest - a ghostly white, a devilish red and a snake like green. The colours were only seen through the cracks on the chest. I try to open it. Locked. I can see light behind the chest. I stick my hand down the gap between the chest and the wall and there it is. A golden key with a red gem on the end. This key was the distant light! I open the chest. 'A RED PIECE OF PAPER! REALLY? PAPER! I DID ALL OF THIS FOR NOTHING,' I shout, 'ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!'
Suddenly, everything started to spin! The paper was pulling me in! Everything stopped spinning and I knew I was in a different world. Everyone was now mean, not nice! 'IT’S AN OPPOSITE WORLD!' I yelled. 'SHUT UP!' Shouted the principal. Now the principal was a girl, and a mean one. Then, I fell to my knees and started to cry. ‘I MISS MY MUM, I MISS MY DAD, I MISS MY SISTER. I miss home.' I sobbed.
During chemistry I thought of a way to escape! I will run to the block at lunchtime and do the same thing! But it will be risky. 1. There is a devil principal 2. Lunch time (according to the girl principal) is only 15 min! Ding! The bell rang again. I went to the block and ran to the chest. It was surprisingly the same colours! I opened it. This time it's a green piece of paper. Everything spun again. 'HOORAY! HOME SWEET HOME!' I said. Ding! 'And just in time for pick up!' I went home and mum had set up a party for me.
The End

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