The Big Hollow Tree

"When is the train going to come, Riley won't sit still?" Complained Jack. "Put him in his dog cage," Mum replied. "Screech!" The train was there at last, but there was one problem. Ava had dropped her teddy onto the railway tracks...
"Uh oh" Jack groaned. Ava started crying as they boarded the train. Evie and Jack felt embarrassed. It was going to be a long journey.
When they arrived, three children ran up to them, their dog running behind. "These are your cousins," Mum told them, "Amelia, Billy and John. Why don't you go have an explore?" Mum asked.
There was dewy grass and lots of paddocks, they could even see a few horse stables. They went past all the paddocks as they walked towards a little trail in the woods.
"So what is your puppy's name?" Evie asked Amelia.
"Paws,” Amelia answered.
'What a cute name, this is Riley," Evie said.
They walked along a bit further, then Billy stopped. “What's this?" He exclaimed. The other children turned around, there was a big hollow tree.
"Wow,” Amelia breathed. Josh checked his watch, it was time to go. The sky was getting dark as they went home to their chalets, it had been a busy day.
As soon as all six children were up, they followed their parents to feed the animals.
"Can we ride the horses?" Jack pleaded. “Sure,” Mum replied. They ran over to the stables with their dogs.
"Can we have a ride?" They asked the farmer excitedly. The farmer put saddles on four of his horses and two ponies. He brought out a stool to step up on the horses. Josh went first. He got on a black horse called Midnight, then Evie got on a silky brown horse with a star on her head called Spring. Amelia and Jack got on the two white horses. Billy and Ava got on the bay ponies.
When the farmer had tacked them up, they rode the horses to the big hollow tree. When they got there, Billy immediately rode his pony into the tree! The other children stared. Billy was gone! Bravely, they followed him.
When they were through the portal, all the children were together except Billy. “Where are we?" Evie wondered. She looked down, Spring was still there and Riley too. The children started to wander around. It was snowing! Evie had never felt snow and she thought it was wonderful, not like Australia. Evie glanced at Josh's worried face. Where could Billy be?
"I know,” a voice replied.
“Who was that?" Evie said, startled.
"Me, Spring.” Evie looked down, was her horse talking?
"He's probably over near the chocolate fountain," said Spring, "it's really popular.” They all followed Spring to a brown looking stream.
"Billy!” Josh yelled. "There you are, come on." Billy hopped back on his horse. They trotted back to the farmer. The farmer winked at them as they handed the horses back.

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