The Terrific Time Travelling Team

ZOOM I The rocket powered quad missed me by an inch. It was my friend Jim’s new invention. “Hey Jim!” I yelled, “you nearly killed me!!” “Sorry!!” shouted Jim.
“Oh no!!” I shouted. Jim ran himself into an AFL pole. l went over to help him but because he was a nerd all of the other guys bullied us and hang us up on a statue. And that is where me and Jim became friends.
I always sit with the nerds now days. But I have to say it is still pretty fun. We actually have so many people at our table. There is Jim the smart guy, John the rich man, Jack the fast and strong boy, Jayden the other really smart person and me the weirdo. Well I am also sort of the leader of the group, and Jim is second in charge.
One day I was running around the school like a maniac trying to find Jim. Along hour later I found him and the words he said I didn’t believe straight away. Jim said, “Joel I discover the power of time travel” “What!!” I yelled with excitement. This Is amazing!! We went back in time and got the winning lottery tickets and we won 80 million dollars, and we also got our school test answers and got 100%. Yeah!!
When we were eating one day, just Jim and I, Jim told me he stole the part to make his rocket powered quad, and time travel possible from NASA. (National-Aeronautics- and Space- Administration.) “What, they are probably searching for us Jim. This is bad!!” Then one day I was walking home and they caught me and Jim. But because we told them that we can time travel they let us go. Just then a big hole in the sky appeared and started sucking things up into it. Jim and I had to do something because caused this problem. OH NOOOOOOOOO!!
We went back in time and coincidentally we were in the same year when me and Jim became nerds. I said to Jim “come on Jim we can stop ourselves from becoming nerds, this is our only chance.”
“But then there will be no life by then, everything and everyone will be sucked up into the hole in the sky,” Jim said.
“OK,” I said, let’s go save the world.” We went and retrieved a giant machine that deletes everything you want and brought us and the giant machine that deletes everything you want back into present time. We needed help so all our nerd friends helped us to pick the giant machine up. Then all of us shouted “delete the giant hole in the sky!!” But it didn’t. Instead it was getting slowly picked up by the hole in the sky. OH NO!! We had lost the battle. But wait a second what’s happening now. YES!! The machine deleted the giant hole in the sky just before it got sucked away forever. Everyone agreed that we should make a statue for this amazing life changing machine. With me and Jim on it too!! “Yeah”, Jim and I yelled with excitement, “we are famous!!”
From now on everyone will know us as heroes and not nerds.