Britney And The Case Of The Missing Parents

Tick tock tick tock the clock must have done a billion times already. The geography teacher hasn’t said anything that Britney didn’t already know. “Britney!” Britney looked up “Detention!” Mr Cantor snarled, a wicked grin stretching across his face, “for a…” he was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in” he said glancing over at Britney. In came the messenger. “Britney needs to go see the Headmaster.” Britney’s face fell, she got up and went to go face the headmaster. As she approached the door to the Headmasters office she noticed something orange on the carpet. She ignored it, hesitated for a moment then knocked.
Britney is twelve and she is in year seven. Being really rich you would think she would wear fancy clothes, but Britney always wears an odd dress with spots on it. Another thing about Britney is she’s always solving mysteries. She goes to Sacred Heart College.
Knock, knock. “Come in.” The headmaster said, a hint of sadness in his voice.
“That’s odd,” whispered Britney, “he’s always so grumpy.” She turned the handle and strode in. But when she shut the door she was not alone. Her little sister Rebecca was crying on her Auntie Lucy.
“Um...” Britney stated.
“I called you here to tell you that your parents are...well,” he paused then reluctantly said, “missing.”
“Oh.” replied Britney. Although she sounded happy, she was clearly upset.
“Where was the last place you saw them?” she finally asked.
“Getting into an Uber.” confessed Auntie Lucy.
“I know where they are then!” announced Britney. It only took a few minutes to get to their location and when they did Britney was astonished to find her parents hanging upside down on a tree. “Hi mum, hi dad!” Rebecca said happily. Although they didn’t respond too well because the next thing they did was throw up. Auntie Lucy then walked over, careful not to tread on any vomit, and untied the rope. “That was torture.” her mum said grateful to be on the ground again.
“How did you find us?” asked her dad confused and dizzy.
“Just a mild guess!” confessed Britney, “also because I heard some year elevens gossiping about someone kidnapping people’s parents.”
“We should go before they find us.” suggested Rebecca.
The group nodded and got in the car. The ride back to Sacred Heart was silent and when they got there they were greeted by the Headmaster.
“So you found your parents then?” the Headmaster asked as they got out of the car. Britney nodded. Everything was back to normal so that meant the Headmaster was grumpy again. All was well.