Half Hidden

A tear fell down my pale cheek.
I overheard her mum and dad talking about sending me to a new school. They chose Saint May's. I screamed and my whole body was shaking. I felt like I was going to faint. I fell down to the ground.
I am not a private school girl. Everyone calls me Abby, but my real name is Abigail. I definitely don't want to get called by my real name because it makes me feel like I am not myself. There's always room in my house for adventure, but now I'm moving to a princess school. There's not going to be fun. I have a permanent red scar under my right eye. I never wear my hair up. I wear half of my hair over half of my face. Yes, I have a mum and dad. I also have a dog called Daisy, with a brown patch over her right eye so we are kind of the same.
In the morning we were already packing for tomorrow. Mum was very stressed. I was more worried about school the next day. Actually, maybe I shouldn't be worried because tomorrow is my favourite day of the year. Halloween because I get to dress up, I think. I chose the best outfit. It is the main character from the horror series that just came out. I have my hair up so everyone can see my scar. A black dress with red ink running down it. Like blood.
The next morning I woke with hesitation. I knew I had to go and there was nothing I could do to get out. Actually, maybe there was a way out of going to school. I tried my hardest but mum just wouldn't fall for it.
My body was shaking to bits. My head felt like a herd of horses galloping around like crazy, I could hear whispering about what I was wearing. One of them whispered “What is she wearing, she looks creepy.” I opened the door so quickly that mum didn't realise. I burst out crying like a waterfall. Mum whispered, "I knew this was going to happen, so I packed your clothes in the boot, go get changed in the toilets." So, I did what I was told. The first day at school was despicable you can't imagine how bad it was. Teachers screaming at me saying "Put your hair up." Whispering behind my back.
Trick or treat was different.
A whole group of kids started wearing half of their hair over half of their faces. I didn't wear my hair like that, but we convinced the principal to wear our hair down.


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