The Emerald Frogs

In the old clock tower sat the frogs. The green frogs. The emerald green frogs. The frogs were some tacky earrings, which were once worn by the devil guardian.
“Can we just buy them? What about a bag of gold?” declared all the protesters. They were fighting to try to get the mayor to give the frogs out. But the frogs still remain locked up, under guard, in the clock tower. Many people considered breaking in, but there were numerous, alarming rumors about the earrings.
“I heard that when you touch the earrings your hand feels like a sausage on a hot barbecue!”
“No, it’s when you touch them you curl up into balls, like onion domes!” Not a single person was correct. Nobody but the mayor knew what they really did.
It was the security check day for the frogs. As the mayor entered the clock tower, the guards stepped aside. Then the mayor went to inspect the earrings.
“We have been tricked,” the mayor exclaimed. “The earrings have been replaced with a phoney.”
It was then the creepy and loud SHRIEK! was heard. There were screams up and down the street.
“I am your new queen, for you shall respect me!!!” It was the old devil guardian. She was wearing her old emerald frogs, and somehow had escaped the gaol.
“GET OUT OF HERE!” the mayor shouted. But that only attracted the devil guardian closer to everyone. She walked on the road for an announcement.
“As your new queen, I shall-" HONK! Then a car came through and accelerated. The man in the car was heading straight for the devil guardian, but she simply moved out of the way and the Rolls Royce hit a wall and crushed instantly.
“My…Rolls…ROYCE!!! What have you done?” shouted the owner of the crumpled car. That only made the devil angrier. She was so angry she missed the lady with a meat tenderiser in her hand, running at the devil.
“HERE GOES NOTHING!!!” screamed the lady, as she directed the tenderiser towards the devil. When she banged the devil guardian on the head, the force threw her back and the lady sank to the ground. The devil raged and threw fire, trying to hit the lady. Everyone rushed over to help the old woman, who was just trying to help. The devil guardian missed the lady and slipped on the road, and the devil was flat on her face.
Somebody had called an ambulance, and fire was spitting everywhere. The ambulance put the lady on a stretcher, and took her to the elderly hospital. The fire crew extinguished the on-fire-smashed-up Rolls Royce. The devil still remained on her face. The mayor jumped down off the clock tower and landed on both his feet.
“My…my ruined city,” said the mayor to himself. Tears dripped down his face. The devil started to raise her head. The mayor jumped on the devil and removed one of the earrings.
Almost instantly the devil started to choke. When the mayor removed the second the devil turned into the old lady that sold candy floss.
“Oh Mary! That’s where you’ve been!” exclaimed the city.
“I’m sorry. I… I had no control over me. Sorry again.” apologised the fairy-floss Mary.
“We were wondering where you had gone,” commented the mayor. All the kids ran out of their houses.