The Locket

The glacial silver chain,
Rubbing against the flesh on my neckline.
Joyfully bouncing up and down,
Keeping my memories safe and sound.
Closed in its heart, lay mysteries for only me to see,
Some people even wonder what they could be.
The ups and downs and in-betweens,
Lay within it waiting for me to look inside it again.
The heart shaped figure makes foreign places feel more like home,
The gifts from the heavens continues to shine.
Every time a memory is created
The locket opens,
But when it’s all over
‘Click’ It slams shut.
The beautiful sliver chain
Shimmers brightly in the dull night sky,
It has been told it can be seen from the moon.
The love that surrounds it
Is a satisfying sight,
The love is so strong
That it gives me a warm feeling every time I put it on.
It makes me feel captivated,
Whenever I’m distressed.
It is the one thing in my life,
That I would never want to lose.

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