Bullies Strike Again

I glance around me. There is a group of people staring at be viciously waiting for me to do what they say. I swallow hard, my teeth quivering and my hands sweating. I stare at the cracked concrete path just hoping that I will make it back alive. The group of aggressive kids begin to close in on me and chant, " go! You know what will happen if you don't." I suddenly feel butterflies in my stomach and my eyes begin to water. Tears start rushing down my cheeks. I try to wipe them off determined, hoping that they won't notice. I try to calm myself down and wonder what to do. Before I know it I have decided that I should do what they say. It's my only chance of survival.

I took one step onto the skate board and take a deep breath, the bullies still watching eagerly. I stare down the steep cliff. The rocks are sharp like knives and the ground below is know where to be seen, covered by the clouds below me.

I look back, close my eyes and take another deep breath. I slowly take my second foot off the ground and gradually push off. Rocks are scattered all over the path like shattered glass so I have to tilt to dodge them. The trees around me are moving so fast that I can barely feel the movement under my feet.

In a flash, I can see the ground. My heart is thumping in my chest. I cant believe it. I have made it back alive.