Ocean Whisper

It's as if these ocean waves were clouds hugging the land; the sky seems parallel, exactly split, from the ocean itself and each grain of sand.
The heavenly beds hanging in the sky, have another world of their own. So I look up and out, overlooking my unfurnished home.

I've been called many names, often of ones that pierce the heart. Yet, the sea whispers gently, setting its own voice apart.
The indents beneath my feet where I plant my earthly mark, are washed and pulled into the water to where it holds its memories, both bright and dark.

Hundreds of years ago from this very spot today, another pair of eyes - another heart such as mine - took in awe every shell and wave.
And I wonder if they thought, just as I, how wonderful this creation is, how this pool seems to never run dry.

I wonder if they made imprints right where my feet sit, I ponder the place they were going, what they felt, who they were with.
Maybe another hundred years, another will question the same as me. But for this century I shall remember this miracle place, where the Lord whispers to me
"Darling you are free".