Fable: A Friendly Surprise

One ordinary morning, Sage the Seahorse and Juliet the Jellyfish were swimming around in the water when Juliet heard a distant sound coming from a dark and gloomy cave. 

“That sounds like someone crying!” exclaimed Sage. “Well whoever that is I'm sure they need our help”, replied Juliet in a worried voice. “We should go see who it is...” suggested Sage. 

As they were swimming closer towards the cave they made guesses as to who was crying. 

“I have a feeling it’s a starfish afraid of the dark,” said Juliet. 

“Well, I’m guessing it’s an oyster that lost its pearl or a baby fish that has lost its mother” Sage insisted.

“I believe it’s a baby turtle that was left behind” added Juliet.

When they arrived at the mouth of the cave, they were feeling scared because it was very dark and gloomy. “I just got the shivers” cried Sage. They both peered inside to see if they could see a shadow but all they could see was darkness and nothing.

They were scared until they reminded themselves that it could be a very weak sea creature that needed their help.

“Hello, is there someone in there? Do you need help? Are you okay?” questioned Sage.
But all that they heard in reply was a whimper and a cry. So they collected as much courage as they could and made their way inside.

As they swam further into the cave Juliet squealed as she bumped into something big, alive and tough. They realised it definitely isn’t a starfish because it was far too big, and it can’t be an oyster because it isn’t sharp at all. In fact, it can’t possibly be a baby anything because whatever Juliet bumped into was way too massive. And whatever Juliet crashed into it squealed too.

At that moment, they all started racing to the entrance of the cave, when they reached the cave they sighed, “that was close”. Suddenly they noticed they weren’t alone.

Juliet and Sage turned around to find a teary shark sitting there sobbing. “Are you okay?” Sage and Juliet asked. “No, I’m very upset” the shark replied. “Were you the one crying in the cave?” Sage asked politely.

“Yes I was, I was crying because I was lonely” the shark sniffled. “Everyone thinks I’m scary, strong and tough and nobody wants to be my friend” the shark answered sadly. “What is your name?” Juliet questioned. “I’m Sally the Shark” Sally explained. “Well, Sally why don’t you come play with us, we’re always looking out for more friends to join us” Juliet cheered. So they all swam off and became friends.

Moral of the fable:

Don’t judge and stereotype anyone because even those that look tough and strong on the outside, have feelings too.


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