Kapow Cow
An Origin Story

One beautiful morning there was a cow wh o wanted to become a superhero. He was thinking of a cool name for himself as he watched the farmer being mean to the farm chickens. The farmer was trying to make all the chickens go into tiny hen-house, when suddenly there was a CRASH!! A huge fork of lightning came striking down on the cow. But it couldn’t have been lightning because it didn’t hurt. Suddenly he got lifted up into the air, he knew what it was….a UFO!!

He floated up high into a little hole and a weird alien thing was there to greet him. It was green and had big eyes with a long tail. “What are you?” it asked. The cow replied “uhh a cow?” So, after that little conversation he was put in a chamber. The chamber was big and had posters of superheroes, and a nice comfy bed. He fell asleep. When he woke up, he had something like a bedsheet on his back and his eyes felt itchy. The thing on his back was green, silky and long. Was it a bedsheet or some kind of cape?

Then he looked at the door and it had a label on it that said KAPOW COW. “Oh my gosh!”, he thought, “is this really true, am I a superhero?” Newly empowered KAPOW COW walked out of the door and saw the weird green alien thing. It said, “you can go now”. So, he jumped out of the little hole in the UFO and floated back down onto the fields. He looked out to see if there were any bad things going on. Suddenly, on the road in the distance he saw a man taking away a lady’s bag. The man was really strong and muscly. KAPOW COW galloped over to the man and head butted him in the stomach. The man fell backwards and faintly squealed “oooooowww!” KAPOW COW took the lady’s bag in his mouth and gave it back to her.

Now that KAPOW COW was a superhero he could do anything. The first thing he did was was stop the farmer from being mean to the chickens. With super speed he built a huge mansion-like hen house for them. Next, he plopped himself down into the really muddy waterhole. He then went to the city. He climbed the stairs to the top of a very high building and jumped off the edge. He thought that he was just going to fall down but instead he glided all the way back to the field.
KAPOW COW started to think about what he could do next to help. Maybe stop a bank robbery?...
This was just the start for KAPOW COW!



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