Fabulous Friend’s Flying Trip

Beyond our galaxy there lived an azure Frogman who desperately wanted to see Earth but never in a million years thought it would be this wondrous encounter…

Tick, tock! It was dinner time. Whoosh! The frogman’s spaceship ran out of oil and Earth’s gravity took control. Meanwhile, a decaying zombie was pouring oil into a rusty pan to cook his combination of rotten flesh and stinky socks.

Boom! It was the Frogman’s spaceship smashed into the zombie’s crooked, haunted house. Everything was knocked aside like rocks in all sizes blasted out of a volcano. Astonished, the zombie was paralysed as a colossal frog leapt out from the peculiar aircraft.

“Who are you? What on Earth are you doing here?” shouted the zombie, as furious as a bull.
“Hi, My name is Frogman. Nice to meet you, earth human!” replied Frogman excitedly.
The benevolent Frogman had never seen a human before, so he considered the horrific zombie a human. Shell-shocked, the zombie was glad that the Frogman was treating him like a human because he had never been regarded so well before. In response, the zombie showed the photos and drawings he compiled during his travels around the world. Unaware the Frogman was very impressed by the spectacular view of the majestic Great Wall, Magnificent Pyramids and the Sydney Opera House which was as sparkling as a seashell.

Ding! A great idea popped into Frogman’s mind. His idea was to use the broken parts of his spaceship to make an aeroplane. First, he and the zombie took off the engines. Next, they fitted the engines onto the wings. Finally, they used the zombie’s dinner to glue the wings to the body of the plane.

Like mice to cheese, they hurried into the basement and retrieved all of the oil there. Pouring the oil into the engine and placing spare oil in the cockpit, they were ready. Excitedly like puppies, they climbed in the cockpit and flew off! It was successful! From then on, like two peas in a pod, they travelled around the world seeing new places and drawing pictures of their adventures.


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