Falling Into The Sky

Boom! Bang! Crack! The canyon only gets bigger as everyone is screaming a running away from it they try even though they can’t escape its clutches. “It’s only a myth” they said “ it will never happen” claimed. Well they were wrong. The massive earthquake ( at 12:00pm) in New York City was the most mysterious earthquake ever recorded in history. I was just at school playing on the oval since it was the year eights turn to go on. I’m Emma by the way. This was devastating and there is one thing for sure this was not natural.

This was hard I had looked around the whole city in search for my family and I found them. I mean I did but they all perished. I basically couldn’t think at this point I was to petrified. I couldn’t find anyone I saw none of my friends or neighbors or even people I just walk past on my way to school. I wasn’t thinking straight but than I noticed me and only five other people were left standing. We were all falling one by one and soon I knew it was my turn...

As I accept my fate and look at the person near me I lean back into the hole. Silence. Just silence that’s all I heard. I was closing my eyes so I wouldn’t see anything but my curiosity got the best of me and I opened them. All I saw was a whole bunch of people in an inflatable pillow just talking to each other. Then it started again. The screaming , the noise. Suddenly I felt a big thump and realized I was now at the bottom of this thing I could smell everything; the sweat from the perfume I smelt it. I could barely see since my eyes were still blurry and my face was all red. This wasn’t that bad.

I turn around and see my friends “we’re all together now” I whispered under by breath. Even though all my family were dead my friends and I were just as close. We’re all sitting on the pillow and we feel something. It’s going down. Its deflating and there’s something on the other side below us. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like this was planned. I had to escape but before I say it to my friends, I realize. “NO WAY! We’re in heaven

I ignore all my friends and run off. I couldn’t be more right but, where was my family? My head starts to become fuzzy and I try to deny all of my bad thoughts.
“There she is”. “I can’t believe you’re right here”
I heard a mysterious yell coming from behind me and realize it was them. My family. I couldn’t be more happy. The only thing missing was my dog but oh well. Still to this day I can’t believe this happened. Let’s just say it was interesting.


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