Ode To Stefán Karl Stefánsson

Many may remember him as Robbie Rotten/But to me his real name will not be forgotten
The battle of cancer you may have lost/I feel I’m missing a piece of me
So many people are sad but for what cost/A happy world is what you would’ve wanted to see
Stefán Karl caring father of four/Even though these were your children you brought joy to many more
S. K. Stefánsson/The hearts of many you have won
S. K. Stefánsson/I’ll remember you until my days are done
When you’re up in the sky and look down you’ll see/All the thousands of people that care about thee
While your body lay in a hospital bed/We think about the joy and all the fun
Although your body is cold and dead/You will always be our number one
We will all continue to sing your legacy song/Through all the days that are short of long
S. K. Stefánsson/An amazing man with a giant heart
S. K. Stefánsson/I have always loved you right from the start
Even though I grew up in a warm country town/The abc allowed me to hear that beautiful sound
The opening of the show on a long kindy day/It was amazing every time that I saw your face
Now that you’re gone all I can do is pray/That you have risen to a much better place
Many may remember you as Robbie Rotten/But to us your real name will not be forgotten
S. K. Stefánsson/We have had lots of fun
S. K. Stefánsson/We are number one