Nacho planet

Crunchy had just woke up from his big cheesy sleep because the sound of the cheesy mail man’s car came past his home with a loud thump like it normally did. It was his job to collect the mail that was covered in cheese, Crunchy loved living at Nacho planet because every one was great.

Crunchy got out of bed, had a shower and got dressed. He ran out side and opened the mail box and there was a letter that said in big golden letters “For Crunchy Cheese, Cheesy foot ball” Crunchy was so excited so he ripped open his letter and it explained how to get into the cheesy football club and it said “For Crunchy, the only way you can get into the team is get a piece of dead cheese from cheesy planet and deliver it to the mayor.”

So Crunchy set of in his Nacho space ship and he got there with no problem. Except he only had one problem and that was a pack of cheesy men started to attack his ship, but Crunchy didn’t care because he was coming to land on Cheesy planet.

As soon as he landed, there was a huge crowd of cheesy people, Crunchy has never seen so many cheese people in his life.

“All I need to do is find a piece of dead cheese” Crunchy muttered to himself “But how can I find one I think I know what to do all I do is get other players.”

Some of the guys he asked said yes and some said no. It was really hard to find players but he finally found some players.

Crunchy went around cheesy town and hung around posters that said ‘Come and see the greatest cheesy foot ball player, it is free but you have to bring a piece of dead cheese for each person who wants to watch’

Crunchy’s plan worked he got thousands of pieces of dead cheese all just for one game and all of the cheese people loved his match.

So Crunchy went back to Nacho planet with a big bag full of dead cheese. He gave the cheese to the mayor and the mayor was impressed.

Crunchy got to play cheesy football and guess what his team won!!!!!

From now on he was always happy because he got to play football and satisfy his cheesy desires.

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