Lady Rose

Wispy tendrils of mist fill an old house- crumbling and covered in cobwebs. Creaks and moans are the only thing that can ever be heard in this house, except for the heartbroken cries of the woman who lives there. Lady Rose, they call her. Forever grieving for her husband, killed. Decades had passed since Lady Rose had ventured from the house, decades since anyone had bothered to visit her. Alone in her desolate house, she wept. The tears falling down her aged face had been there many times. Sitting on a dusty drawer in front of her sat a mouldy box, which abruptly fell, the contents landing directly in front of her. They were pictures, yellowed with age and tainted with dust. Pictures of her beloved Edward. She picked them up, carefully stroking the happy photos as she gazed into a kaleidoscope of memories. Then a loud noise broke the colours, making her drop the picture which shattered into a thousand pieces. She stared dismayed into the glass shards, and gasped when reflected back in each and every piece was a reflection of her Edward. “Rose..” A voice whispered. She glanced around, recognizing the voice. The smell of roses swirling around her. Her heart was hammering. “Even though I died, my love never died for you. It will always be alive..” The voice spoke. It was him. Tears streamed down her porcelain white face as she rocked back and forth. “Edward?” She whispered, confused. A strong gust of wind threw the doors and windows open. Lady rose glanced through the door that was thrust open, and saw him standing there, arms open wide to her. She tore through the door, stumbling through the overgrown grass. Throwing herself at him, she breathed in that familiar sweet scent. “It’s been too long..” she sobbed. Her arms held him tightly, but his arms were not around her. Lady Rose took no notice, lost in her memories and replete with happiness. The light that was scarcely peeking through solemn grey clouds glittered on the knife, the knife in his shaking hands. He lifted it hesitantly, then forced it into her side. She screamed, falling to the ground in agony. Edward flinched, his body morphing into a beautiful being, huge white feathery angel wings spreading out from his back. Seeing his beautiful Rose in pain made him feel sick, but the knowledge that she would be joining him in the afterlife was an overpowering desire. “Now we can be together. “ He told her sweetly, watching as her spirit vanished from her crippled body. And her spirit lifted. But it wasn’t going to his land. Her spirit was soaring, soaring towards hell, the opposite land, with lightning slashed across the sky, a promise of a horrid place. Above her, three words twirled in the sky, the reason for her banishment to the cruel world. He stared in incredulity, screaming from the pain of a terrible truth. The words twisted and looped, forming..
“Killed her husband.”

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