A Cat's Day

As she waits for her very meaty and juicy breakfast,
Her whiskers shiver for its the end of the night’s rest.
After her breakfast the youngest comes in, opens the back door,
And then she zooms out, her tail behind her, set and ready to explore.
As her delicate head lowers down, you can tell she is ready to pounce,
And when she sees that tiny lizard, of course, here she goes, BOUNCE!
She hears the door open and out comes the dog,
She doesn’t know what to do, all she sees is thick fog.
She jumps high onto the fence and into the front yard,
She thought of how she escaped and thought that was very hard.
Now it is near the end of her adventure,
And she went inside for her dinner with pleasure.
After her scrumptious dinner of a juicy hen,
It is now the end of the day, and tomorrow this will happen all over again.