Fake Friend

Ring! Ring! …The doorbell wakes me, I jump out of bed, and I look out my bedroom window and see that it is Eliza (fake friend). I pick up my phone and headphones to block out the ringing and racking at the front door.
After a few minutes… the ringing has stopped, I go check out the front door, I notice a note stuck to the door that says:
Dear Esme,
If you see this note, I want you to know it’s me Eliza Belkins from St Marys public school, I got your address from the school name list your name was on it, I hope we can be bff’s…
From Eliza!
What does she mean, all she does at school is stare at me like I’m the local serial killer, she stares at me in class, in the school cafeteria, lunch, recess she just stares at me all the time. That’s why I absolutely dislike her. I treat her like a friend because she has no friends at school, I think it’s because she has nits and picks her nose and eats it, every time she does it she gets caught.
Its 4:27PM I hear the doorbell ring, I answer… it’s Eliza, she wants to go to the park, I’m sweating, I’m trying every way to politely decline but in no time mum forces me to go with her.
As we turned up to the park, Eliza desperately needed to go to the toilet, so she rode to the nearest toilet block, as I waited and waited, my gut was telling me, ‘she’s taking too long, just leave and go back home.’
As I’m riding, I look back to see if Eliza has caught up to me, my wheels turn and flip, I go rolling down a steep bushy hill, slamming into every tree, my legs all grazed and bloody. My head is aching after slamming into a tree . “HELP” I screamed. I waited, but no-one seemed to hear me. I yelped again. I waited for a short period of time. A lady stood at the top of the hill, devastated with how destroyed I looked. “Are you okay, would you like some help”. The young lady asked. “Yes please, that would be great” I replied.
The lady walked down the hill and helped me up. I struggled to the top of the hill.

As I got up to the top of the hill, the lady lent me her mobile phone to ring my mum. I ring her in pain, she answers and I tell her what has happened. I ask her if she can come pick me up. She replies straight away. “Yes of course honey, I’ll be there right away.”
As my mum arrived. Eliza jumped out of the passenger seat. I’m shocked. I stand there in silence. My mum thanked the lady for helping me. Mum took me home, I sent Eliza home and I went straight to bed. Some friend!