I Am A Fox

They call me terrible, even divine, they call me the line between life and death itself. I am neither, I am death and carnage, I am a fox. I run and I kill. That's all I’ve ever known, that's all I ever do. My red paws sink into dark sloppy mud. It smells revolting but I grit my teeth and crouch. My eyes lock on a magnificent stag. it has sleek shiny fur and large brown eyes. I look balefully at the creature, so beautiful, so majestic. He shuffles anxiously on his hooves.
Suddenly I pounce like a cat, claws as sharp as daggers. Suddenly, I hear a piercing howl cut through the silent night that echoes violently in my ears! Then something strong and heavy slams into me and I am sent airborne. I hit the ground with a sickening thud. There on its haunches with its long thin nose to the sky crouches a wolf. I limp away, for I know this beast is no prey. Slowly and leisurely it walks in my direction. Birds in the distance are the only sounds that disturb the tranquillity of the rural silence. The wolf seems to radiate hate, rage, and death. ‘Do not kill the innocent!’ he bellows with an almighty snarl, making me jump. I shut my eyes tight. Did I just hear him talk? I know my life is coming to an end and I don't dare open my eyes but eventually, my curiosity wins over and I squint at the dark masse.
‘I know who you are and your idiosyncratic ways.’ the wolf's piercing red eyes bore into mine.
‘We live on a dying phenomenon of a planet! Life is indispensable so you will only eat what is given. only kill the deadly.’ I know where this is going, I am small but clever, my bites are fatal. I qualify as deadly. The wolf's desires are malignant. One word, KILL
‘You are so insignificant compared to this world of pain and chaos. You are nothing, a mere hunter while I am a protector, a fallen angel from above. I will let you live on the condition that you eat only what is given, never eat the innocent. Live your life in chains.’ I nod, obviously terrified. The wolf gives me a satisfied look then he disappears. Suddenly, the world melts around me, the darkness presses in, suffocating me. A grotesque lion lies on the floor illuminated by the moonlight. Its stomach has an ugly slash and red crimson blood spews from the wound.
This is my punishment for my impetuous decision on the innocent.
Here I will be innocuous. Nausea threatens to take over my other senses. The darkness, unbearable, unlivable. I curl up and tremble, I twitch a few times and then become very still. But I am a survivor, I am a fox.