Inside And Out

Finalist in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

When I ask what's inside of me you say, "Bones and Organs"
When I ask what's in my head you reply, "A brain and a skull"
What's inside and out of me?
Inside my head isn't just thoughts, feelings and sounds, not just a brain or a skull
It's full of memories that I just can't grasp, some clouded, some almost still real, some wild, some fun, some sad, some adventurous
Inside of me is,
My stomach churning when i'm nervous, scared or worried
The tap of my foot, when I feel rhythm, a beat
When I dance, I feel free, letting go of every emotion
Each breath I take, as each second passes brings a new point in the day
A sigh, a relief, or I feel safe
My smile, signalling my enjoyment or how happy I am
My frown, when I'm sad, angry or not in the mood.
That's inside and out of me through and through!