Ode To Snow

Snow. Soft. Gentle.Transcendent.
Haltingly descending to the icy ground. Softly touching my frozen face. You bathe skiers in milky white. Shouts of joy, tears of laughter and screams of happiness echo in my ears. Pouring down like an abounding bucket of water. People look like diminutive ants down below. Snow. Snow. I beg you, please don’t go away! Gusty uncivil wind toys you around like a washing machine. Dancing around playfully in the howling wind. You catch people’s eye, your comfort gradually loosening them from their everyday stresses. You calmly fall to a light sprinkle. I love you snow! I am begging you, please don’t go away! I adore. You make me feel ecstatic. I praise you. Falling down, as light as a feather. That’s it. The great fun is over. Maybe you’ll come back another cold winter’s day.