Take The Fire Out Of My Heart

Heat trickled Jack’s skin as he ambled out the back door. The sudden heat brushed across his skin like a hair comb. Ashes filled the palms of his hands as he reached for the washing. The sky was gradually turning a pale pink and the sun was now the colour of fire, as if it was hell. The bush fire had never been so catastrophic. Sympathy for this beautiful world shot through his heart. But this was life in a world full of flames.
After the chores, Jack hopped into his warm, crusty bed, but could not fall asleep easily. He had nightmares of driving through bush land set alight, which startled him awake during the middle of the night.
An ear piercing siren deafened Jack jolting him upright. He swiftly jumped off his comfy bed and heaved the curtains open. He perceived a convoy of fire trucks, with a siren and a megaphone on, evacuating the town. Bush fire was going to ruin my town. The town we have lived in for decades. Worrying thoughts filled his mind as his feet smacked the floor.
Jack sprinted out of the door into his parent’s room to tell them the news. They somehow didn’t awaken from the siren. When the parents heard, they were devastated, tears swelling in their eyes.
Before long, they were packed up, ready to go. But just as they left the door, they saw bright flickering lights coming from every direction. They were surrounded by flames. They all gazed around, three pairs of eyes staring at bright flames, no-where to go. They were just closing off the roads, so they couldn’t get through.

They were trapped.

The trio hopped in the car after a short pause. “Mum,” Jack questioned, “why are we getting into the car?”
“Just let me focus,” The Mum exclaimed.
Jack cringed back into his seat. He usually thought way too much and wanted to know everything in the universe. This was classic, old Jack. Mum punched the start button of the car and the car rattled awake like a rusty lawnmower. Then, like a professional soccer player, she kicked the acceleration pedal as hard as possible. Jack wondered if mum was secretly a Hollywood stunt driver. They drifted around all the backstreets and drove on. They were approaching thick, heavy fire.
Heat poured into the car like falling lava. Fear embroiled Jack as orange light tinted the windows. Adrenaline gushed in everyone’s veins. Mum only drove faster.
“I’m not sure about this,” dad murmured wearily.
“Trust me.” Mum pleaded.
Just as they were about to turn onto the highway, two bulky firemen closed off the road with red fences. Mum suddenly took a sharp turn left, jerking everyone around their seats. They were heading for the ignited bush land. Jack’s nightmares were true.
Everyone was praying, and crying out their last tears. Except for mum and Jack.
“Take the fire out of my heart,”


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