Land Of Opportunity

Land Of Opportunity

Standing in the desolate ghost town with an everlasting chaotic atmosphere,the Vietnam war was ending in the spring of 1975. Coco heard the sound of strong gunpowder screeching across the street and continuous rapid machine gun blasting,explosions booming away.

While complete chaos was emerging, Coco noticed a man who rode his bike frantically trying to get home,so she ran home like the man on the bike trying to get to the safety of her home.

As the daylight slowly disappeared the night drew closer. It was time for Coco’s family to embark on a journey that will embed her for life.

“Come Coco!” exclaimed mum “we're Going On a Trip!” mum sarcastically shouted, little does she know it was a way to not alarm the Viet-Cong Army.

With a heavy heart, leaving their beautiful home behind, Coco and her family sheltered for the night at the One Eyed God . Coco gazed and pondered at the One Eyed God, astounded and feeling lost at the same time.

There were many families resting in the temple. Midnight approached , the dangerous, unforgettable journey begins here.
Coco and her family joined by many other families, made their way by walking through the muddy field of pitch darkness, blind like a bat, no one could see each other.

Coco could feel her mother's warm hand clutching her hand ever so tightly. Shortly after at a far distance with a glittering torch of light shone above the floating boat and some man waving a torch.

Approaching closer to the floating boat, Coco soon realised she had to walk on a plank of wood to cross over to the boat.

As her heart throbbed, fear overcoming her, she desperately gripped tight to her mom, literally holding on for her dear life. One false step would lead to an unforgettable fate.

A sigh of relief passed through her as Coco made it through walking the plank. Standing at the entrance door, she could see hundreds of families sitting very tightly like a sardine can.

More than 400 people were aboard the boat which is measured 24 meters in length and 7 meters width, consist of lower and upper deck. She was a beauty, well made with strong metal, quite convincingly sturdy.

She was built to sail across the far deadly sea to find the Land Of Opportunity, will Coco ever find it? The following story is even more captivating.

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To Be Continued...

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