Karma's Daughter

As the sun sets in, Jamila got ready to go home, I asked her, “How are you always so calm”? “Patience”, she replied.
I nodded, “It feels like forever since the plane crash, and it has been a hard time for both of us”.
As I and Jamila were walking back to the orphanage, I decided to have a little fun and mess around with her. I stepped out afoot, but when I tried to trip her over, I tripped myself.
“Karma”. Said Jamila, “Very funny”, I replied. As we were walking back to the orphanage, which was a meter away, I noticed a strange-looking symbol on Jamila’s cheek, it looked like a skull but with a scythe, I asked Jamila, “What is that on your cheek”. “N-nothing”. She replied nervously.
“It’s ok if you don’t want to tell me”. I replied
“N-no it’s ok, I will tell you, after all, you are my best friend”. I nodded, in my mind I thought, “I guess I am going to learn a big secret that she has never told me about for years, even though we were childhood friends”.

She started talking, “I am the daughter of KARMA, but I don’t usually refer to that name now, my parents, well dead because of the plane crash, so you're basically the only person I have known and familiar with”.
“Also my grandparents and relatives are all dead”. “How”? I asked
“There was a fig-”, suddenly we were interrupted by a small, little faint cry, Jamila and I went inside and saw that the orphanage was empty, a small faint of a cry was still heard.
Suddenly, a cold shiver crawled my spine, it felt like I was in a mix of a cave and Antarctica, Jamila’s throat felt as if it were burning, like someone had forced her to drink acid, or worse.
Jamila screamed in agony, the scream was so loud it shattered every piece of glass there was, and then black.
No matter wherever I looked I saw black. Then a peak of light was seen as if the black had just cracked open, and then I saw it, a figure stood there, with an object that I couldn’t make out.
“Ah, so I see your finally awake, Jamila”, I looked around and saw Jamila next to me, she was shaking vigorously.
I tried to move but was unable to do so, my body refused as though it liked to sit here, then suddenly, out of nowhere, a figure with a hood and a scythe came in and took, I looked at Jamila in relief, but when I looked at her, her eyes were glowing and instead of a smile of relief, it was a smile of revenge, of Karma.


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