Dance With Me

They made it into town one day and saw a shanty near,
Jack turned and said to the rest of the group, ‘All you boys listen here.
Within the walls of this shanty here watch closely and you’ll see,
I know I’ll find a girl that wants to fall in love with me.

A girl named Hannah caught Jacks eye from across the floor of the bar,
As he nervously walked towards her his face shone like a star.
And when he spoke, he only said, ‘it’d make my very night you see;
If you were to dance with me.’

Hannah obliged and they danced that night, and they danced for weeks on end
They grew closer together each passing day, when more time together they’d spend
Jack and Hannah have known for time that as one they could be
E’er since they met in the bar and Jack asked, ‘would you like to dance with me?’

They grew old together in an old bush home, somewhere of the track,
They had both lived in the city so by the end the both went back;
To be as one in their final days they met once more at the quay,
Jack turned to the girl and lovingly said, ‘Thank you dancing with me.’