I Do Not Want To Be A Princess

If you chose a job, you would choose to be an astronaut, a writer, maybe a builder, but I know you would never choose to be a princess. Especially not after you hear this story. Anne, a small, shy, caring little figure with rosy red cheeks like a porcelain doll, was the worst princess her kingdom had ever known. When a banquet was being held, Anne walked slowly over to her father to seat herself next to him, but she stepped on her dress and fell over, knocking a butler over with her. Food went flying everywhere. Our story starts when Anne was getting her new fancy shoes fitted correctly(they were too big for her feet), and Madame Alexandra suddenly put her hand on the bottom of Anne’s cold, small foot. “Is the bottom of the shoe the size of the bottom of her foot?” Madame Alexandra muttered to herself. Madame Alexandra had very grey eyes, a long pointed nose, and curly black hair, she was technically a witch! Anne laughed, she kicked Madame Alexandra in laughter and sent her flying backwards into the big mirror. Shards of glass fell all over the room. At that moment the king came up, “What in the name of Pete’s son is going on here?” he asked. “I’m sorry Papa, Madame Alexandra accidentally tickled my foot and I kicked her and she, um, she-“ said Anne, nervously. “I fell on to the mirror!” yelled Madame Alexandra. “That’s it Anne, you’ve ruined a very important banquet, and now you’ve kicked Madame Alexandra and broken your mirror! To your bedroom, now!” screamed the King. Anne walked solemnly to her room, she flopped down on her well made bed and groaned. Then she remembered that whenever she was sad she would look out her window and watch the knights practise fighting. “That’s it!” she said. “If I can’t be a princess, I’ll be a knight.” So the little princess climbed out of her window and abseiled down the wall with her bed sheets. All the knights stopped and stared. “Your Majesty!” they said, shocked. “I want to be a knight!” she said, excitedly. She practised with the knights all afternoon, when her father went into her room, he saw she was gone. He looked out of her window, startled. Then, he saw her practising with the knights, she was so good, he let her be a knight. She protected the kingdom well, and had many fights. Now, if I ask you, do you want to be a princess, you’ll say, “I do not want to be a princess, now.”