Valentino rossi's life diary

Valentino Rossi grew up in a small town racing go kart’s.
He loved everything with wheel’s but most of all he absolutely loved motor bikes .He always loved to race his friends and Dad at the track next to the old airport. He hoped to be in the big league one day.

He dreamed and daydreamed about being in the big league in the Moto gp like his dad. Valentino liked to watch his dad race. He had just turned 18 and he was waiting for someone to ask him to race for their team. Dad always said when I retire you will be able to race for the team.

That night at home dad was extremely tired “Well” said dad “I’d better go to bed now I’ve got a big race tomorrow” “night said Valentino’’ .The next day at Phillip Island Valentino ran onto the race track and wished his dad good luck. The race starter went onto the track and held up the 20 second sign. Valentino dashed off the track and sat on the grandstand.

The light went green and Dad flew up the straight. Dad went to look behind him and he didn’t see the corner and went throw the kitty litter and into the fence. The ambo went on to the track and the track marshal held up the yellow flag.

This was a disaster Dad would not be able to race in the final race tomorrow. That night at the race track Ted the race team manager went up to Valentino and said “we need a rider for tomorrow”. Then Ted said “will you race for us tomorrow”. Valentino was almost wet himself with excitement “well is that a yes” said Ted “yes” said Valentino.

The pit team started to call him Rossi. Valentino fitted right in he felt really welcome. The race was in 5 minutes and Valentino grabbed the bike and took it up to the starting line. He started to start up the bike then he saw dad up in the hot seat. The light went green. Valentino flew up the straight and took first place. With only 5 laps to go it was definitely a lap record.


Valentino was on the final turn and Biagi was just behind him Valentino clicked into sixth gear. He ripped up the straight and took first place Valentino screamed with excitement. Then after the race Ted pushed dad onto the track and dad said “I think its time for you to take over”.


Valentino Rossi was one of the best sporting legends in motor cycle racing ever


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