Dark Without You

Your hair waves like an ocean, so perfect yet handwoven.
You simply satisfy my soul, even if you were a toilet roll.
Your voice is a melody, not a symphony or a song.
Your eyes, they sparkle like the ocean that is your hair
As I hold your hands and you rid me of despair.
Your lips look luscious, but I know I must be cautious.
The cave under your nose is home to the perfect quartz.
You test my self-control, even if you were a toilet roll.
But now your friendly face feels fairly far away.
Now, stepping into the dark without you hurts my soul.
As I wrangle tough emotions; without you; I feel cold.
Is your heart still cloaked in Khaki? I thought I found the right key.
My eyes, now lakes, dripping tears down my drowning face.
As I remember her and the life, we both shared.
I was not quite prepared; my vision’s clearly impaired.
Now everything’s a blur cos it’s plain to see I love her.