"Riiinnnggg." sounded the bell. Students ran to their classrooms. Barry came slowly dragging his left foot along the floor. "Get in line boy" shouted his teacher. Barry was always different from his classmates. He had untidy hear, worn-out clothes and unique eyes. There was a rumor that he was powered by zombies! Everyone always stayed atleast a metre away from him.

"Come in and sit in your seats, I must see you with your homework out in front of you," said Mr. Brett (Barry's teacher)"Especially you" hissed the teacher at Barry. Barry didn't listen. He walked into the classroom and saw other people taking their homework out. He took his homework. As soon as he took his homework out of his bag, everyone froze! His homework turned out to be papier-mache with a lizard chewing onto it. "Ahhhhhhh!" screamed his teacher. Everyone stared at Mr. Brett. A student started laughing. "Who are you laughing at!" said Mr. Brett after recovering from that scream. Everyone started laughing except Barry. "Forget about all of this nonsense" snapped Mr. Brett. "Alright Jack, what's the square route of..." Riiinnnggg.'' alarmed the bell. Everyone ran out of the classroom into the playground.

"Hahaha, look at that idiot all alone, hahaha." said a student. Suddenly Barry got furious that his eyes turned red. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" said Barry angrily. "N...o...t...h...i...n...g" shuddered the boy. A beam of laser zipped out from his eyes and to the boy's heart. The boy fell backward. "Ahhhhhhh!" screamed the whole school at that scene. Mr. Brett barged into the area. "I...I knew there was something wrong with you," said Mr. Brett. "You come with me". Two beams of lasers zipped came. "Nobody opposes me, WAHAHAHA." roared Barry.

"Riiinnnggg." screeched the bell. Barry went in. Everyone wasn't there. They all ran away. "Hahaha, I can do whatever I want with this place." he stated, "ANYTHING!" There were only 45 minutes left until hometime. Barry turned the whole classroom into a grave. He was lucky. He did it in just 44 minutes and 58 seconds. Two seconds later..."Riiinnnggg." Barry opened the door and everyone ran away all the way home. The cleaner came into room 36 which is Barry's classroom. He dropped the broom. "Ahhhhhhh!" The principal came running down the hallway. "What happened, tell me...what HAPPENED!" ordered the principal. "Look...over...there." whispered the cleaner. "Ahhh...I would ask...everyone in...this room." stated the principal.

The next day nobody came to school. The principal came down to room 36 with the cleaner behind her. "Barry, why are you the only hear." asked the principal "and what did you do to this classroom." added the cleaner. "Wahahaha, I am a ZOMBIE!" he roared. Two beams of lasers came out of his eyes. One went to the principal and the other went to the cleaner.


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