Back In Time

I was lying in my bed playing Roblox when suddenly, the light flickered off! I looked for the power generator and I checked if it had any broken wires, but it was just fine! I went back to my room and I looked for anything that might have blown the lights, but still nothing!
Then I heard this voice that said, “You are going back in time to 1908. You have 10 seconds to bring one item with you. Your time starts now.” I almost wanted to cry, but then I saw my purple bag lying on my bed.
It was the only thing I could grab in time so I took it off my bed. Then I heard the same voice saying, “Teleporting back in time to 1908.” I suddenly felt really, really sleepy.
30 minutes later…
I opened my eyes and I felt really weird, because I felt like I was lying on hay. And I was! I stood up and I looked to see.
I was in the middle of nowhere! I remembered I brought my bag with me! I looked to see what was in my bag. It was everything I needed to survive!
There was food, water, clothes and more! Suddenly I heard my phone’s ringtone! I answered the call and then this guy with a cowboy accent said, “Howdy partner! Remember ma voice?”
I said no, because I didn’t know who he was and how he got my phone number! So the next thing I said was, “Sorry, but I think you’ve got the wrong number.” He replied, “No, no I know your name young lady. Your name is Liani.” He sent me a picture of the whole Telegraph Station. The Telegraph Station! He also sent me a list of things I had to finish. The first thing I had to do was take care of the horses.
I went to the stables and the first horse I took care of was a beautiful black one. I brushed his hair with the brush that was in my bag, cleaned his horse shoes with my soap and did all the things to take care of the horses.
I took care of a total of 10 horses in 20 minutes. Anyway, the next thing on the list was to wash the laundry. I had to wash all the underwear. It was really disgusting! When I finished all of my tasks my phone rang again!
I answered the call and I knew it would have been the cowboy from earlier. And obviously it was the cowboy.
He said that I had completed all the tasks in only one hour! I really loved working here. He replied saying, “Ya did a great job! Ya finished all ya tasks in only one hour!”
Congratulations, Liani you will now receive your prize! Afterwards I got a prize of a cute little puppy! 30 minutes later I was back in my bed playing with my puppy!