Marty The Moose And His Striped Socks And Shoes

On the outskirts of Norway, lived Marty the Moose. He danced all day in his striped socks and shoes.
He had a big dream and he longed to one day, be dancing on a stage with the Boston Ballet.
He knew ballet was no place for a moose. Not even a moose with striped socks and shoes.
All the animals around him would look at him and sneer, but Marty the Moose had a marvellous idea.
He was going to build a boat big enough for one, and leave for Boston to go have some fun.
With his lucky striped sock, a rope and some wood, he stuck the boat together as best he could.
As he hopped on aboard the moving machine, Marty the Moose paddled out to sea.
Marty the Moose travelled far and wide, watching the sea creatures come and go with the tide.
After days of seasickness, he’d finally reached the sand, and he headed for Boston his new homeland.
Marty the Moose joined the Boston Ballet, and he’s performing tonight, that’s all I can say.