Fairy land

Once upon a time there were five fairies and they lived in the rainbow. They once went to the beach and they met a beautiful princess named Lili.

They asked Lili if she wanted to have cake at the fairies house and they had a party for the new princess and they had a rainbow cake. They talked and talked and talked and had a sleepover too.

Next the five fairies went for a treasure hunt and each one wore a dress. One named Alina wore a pink one. Another one named Palin wore a blue one. Another one name Lila wore a purple dress and the other one named Sasha wore a red one.

The next day it was Easter and they went to the Easter cow's house. The five fairies met Mr Rusty and Mr Quack and Mr Stanley. When it was time to go home, they had a shower and then they had dinner and then went to sleep at Lily's castle and when they woke up it was Lila's birthday and she turned sixteen.

They all lived happily ever after.

The End


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