Fairy Friends

Once upon a time there was a fairy, her name was daisy she lived in a toadstool with her friend flowerseed. One day they went to the fairy garden, they played on the swings then daisy said hey look it was new climingframe they flew to the climbing frame so fast that there ears popped!When they got there (which only took a second.) there was a competition for who ever climbed to the top the fastest won fairy cake, so they signed up and the count down started. ‘on your marks get set GO!’ They climbed so fast they won, they were congratulated by the crowd they both got two fairy cakes each.

the next day they invited their friends to help eat the fairy cakes. After that they were so tired and fell asleep, when they woke up they cleaned up the house and went outside to play at the fairy garden. When they got there they found that the fairy garden was destroyed, they were both
shocked, They both fainted.

When they woke up all their friends stood around them. the two of them got up and dusted themselves off, As a giant bulldozer came driving past! They asked the others what happened, their friends said that a fire started and it was burnt to the ground in seconds, It broke the world record! the good news is that our town got money from the world record (and everyones donations) to rebuild the park better then ever. Just then an there was an announcement saying that the park will be rebuilt Better than ever!

Everyone was so happy that daisy decided to invite them to her house for a celebration, everyone came and promised to help with the construction, soon after it was finished all thanks to the fairy friends!


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