The Tragic Tale Of The Lady Of Shalott

Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

As the grey-cobblestone, sombre structure stands
Life progresses around the bustling town of Camelot
Residents in absolute oblivion of the victim of isolation
The enigmatic woman by the name of Lady of Shalott
The curse over Lady Shalott confines her like a bird in a cage
If she innocently looks out the window, death will be upon her
If she escapes the prison-like building, death will be upon her
Is there any point of living when trapped and life is a big blur?
A dashing prince possessing midnight black curls, alluring green eyes
Is it better to have experienced love or live a life, through a mirror?
The urge to taste love, to pursue the prince led her to escape prison
An uncontrollable desire arose to live in reality, of hope, a glimmer
She would rather live a short life instead of one of torment
Peacefully transcending down the sacred river, the flow of life
Placidly taking last breaths, her eye lids close at a gentle pace
Her body shut down, death was coming, she was in strife