I Am A Hero Tonight

At night, the middle of night, a girl called Abby woke up. She heard a big crash coming from the kitchen. First she walked into her sister’s bedroom, but there was no one in her sister’s bedroom.
She thought, “Why is my sister not in her room?”
So she tip-toed into her brother’s bedroom, and again, there was no one in her brother’s room. She crept into the kitchen and saw, out of the window, a man in black clothes.
“I am so scared, what am I going to do?” Abby feared.
The door creaked open and she saw a woman. The woman said, “I am Summer Breeze and I am here to save you.”
“But why?” asked Abby.
“Your family is in danger,” said Summer.
“How did you know my family was in danger,” said Abby.
“I have a big feeling and I think I know where the person lives,” answered Summer.
“Cool, but how are we going to get my family back?” questioned Abby.
“I think I know who took your family,” said Summer.
“Who?” questioned Abby.
“He is called Justin, and he’s mean and bad,” said Summer.
“How are we going to get there?” asked Abby.
“I think he would be in his evil lab,” said Summer.
“Where is his evil lab?” asked Abby.
“Follow me,” said Summer.
“Ok,” said Abby.
Summer led Abby to a bushy forest and up a very high mountain. They came upon a rocky passage and saw a circular disk on the ground. Summer opened it and they both jumped in. Soon they were whooshing down as if they were going down a slide. They plopped on the ground, right into a big underground room.
“And look who it is…Summer Breeze,” said a man who looked familiar. It was the same man as Abby had seen through the window earlier that night!
“You have a power and we need you to use it,” said Summer to Abby.
“Ok but what is my power,” said Abby.
“Your power is sunlight,” replied Summer.
Summer explained to Abby that she needed to feel like she could do it. She encouraged Abby that if she did this, she would be able to defeat Justin, and get her family back. Abby used her sunlight power to distract Justin while Summer froze him.
“Yes, we have defeated Justin,” said Abby.
Soon, Abby woke up, thinking it was all a dream. But it was not…