Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

The wind grows sharp, piercing like a knife.
Until the shore is out of sight.
The waves are mountains, climbing so high.
My stomach drops, as my family cries.
The town is running, I don't know why.
I look around, and my mouth goes dry.
There is a wall, around my home.
There's water rushing, like a pipe that's blown.
I hear screams of fright, it booms like thunder.
Then sharp and suddenly, I'm pulled under.
Banged and swept like a capsized boat.
As water calms, I start to float.
Where is my family? Where are they now?
I look around and it hits me, "Oh Wow."
My town is gone, only the water is left.
This thing is so cruel, it's committed a theft.