Excellence Award in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

From the distance I hear excruciating screams
of the ones who have faced a real nightmare
I grab my baby sister and give my mum a glance
as I hide somewhere with less despair.

The heavy armour clonks as pounding footsteps near
as my baby sister cries I muffle her yelps
under my hand shaking in great fear
Bang! Our front door collapses in a pile of debris
Menacing soldiers search the place with evil glee
Our house is slowly destroyed
as they search for Australians there in flesh and blood.

Memories flood my mind as thudding boots stop by my door
I realize then and there that the dangers I have faced
and the dangers I am facing is what makes life
Without, there is no journey, no story to be told.
The door swings open