My heart, my Achilles heel.
A tainted soul the colour of his starless midnight horses,
with eyes like black coffee and added depiction of nothing.
Bitter and tart like an unripe pomegranate is my Hades, and addictively sweet like the ruby jewels inside.
As lethal as the poison from Paris’ belladonna dipped arrow,
as vicious as his infamous hellhound Cerberus.
Weakened by enamour, the stealer of the meadows Kore.
And the infatuation I returned was the awakening of much, much more.
Hades plucked me like a flower from the meadows I roamed,
To rain down on his kingdom like a golden-sunshine shower.
Soon I—bringer on destruction—craved for a taste of his dark world, and together we ran my simplicity an acid bath.
My wolf eyes smiled at my love at his promise of more,
Now I blossom by Hades side like a lotus lily with my newfound beauty and perfect impurity.


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