Nearly Eaten!

I crawled into my bed on the upper bunk , covering myself in the warm blankets. My room was dark. I could just see a small collection of stuffed animals at the foot of my bed, an elephant, a dog and a rabbit. The mattress was soft and my pillow felt like it was stuffed with big clouds. I sank into my bed , falling asleep almost the moment I closed my tired eyes , drifting into a peaceful dream.

My eyes flew open. The bed was shaking violently. I looked over my bed to see if my little sister Fiona had noticed , but she was fast asleep. Suddenly, I felt a strange zap that buzzed all over my body. Then I knew I had shrunk because everything was huge! The blankets below me were rolling like a stormy sea , tossing me up in the air with it's giant waves . A large gaping hole had appeared in the middle of the bed and when an extra large wave came , I was flung in!

The walls of this giant tunnel was warm and soft like my blankets. It even had the same pattern on it! Far down was my pillow looking like an enormous hungry tongue ! As I fell I tried to grab onto a silky dog's ear hanging over one of the many ledges jutting out of the walls. But it's fur was too slippery and I couldn't hold on for long. I continued to fall until I was able to catch the tail of another unfortunate animal, the elephant Cherry Blossom! For a moment I was relieved then I remembered that the tail had been falling off and I had asked mum to sew it up but she hadn't had time to do it . The tail was hanging on two small threads before they snapped and I began to fall again.

Eventually , I landed on a ledge not too far from the bottom. I walked around wondering how I could get out. I tripped over something on the floor. A pair of earrings . I clipped them onto my pajamas and kept on walking , thinking that perhaps they will be useful later. A while later I saw something else. It was a book! A great idea came to me as I flipped through the pages. Using the sharp end of the earrings I worked hard to tear out a page. Then I folded it carefully to make a Flapper , a paper plane that I had learned to fold from a book at home. It was just big enough for me to sit in. I pushed it off the ledge and to my horror it fell, then just as I was about to hit the tongue it's wings flapped and it soared into the air!

The plane zoomed out of the bed's mouth and I felt the buzzing again as I was turned back to my normal size. The mouth was now closed and I yawned, exhausted from my adventure . Everything was silent but the sound of everyone else breathing calmly as they slept. Before long I was too.

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