I want you to know that, I’m not over you yet.
Knew this would happen the whole time. Your fingers crossed, I know you lyin’
I still kinda hate you, but I’m so obsessed with you.
What made you think I had no clue? I wish bad dreams don’t come true.
I was waiting for love in the universe, prayed to God and there you were.
Days with you felt so worth it, God just made you so perfect.
Crying, hoping, waiting.
You said goodbye the first time, next day you're back, are you mine?
But this time, I think it’s goodbye.
I hope she knows you are the best, I hope she knows she is blessed.
I always knew she was who you wanted, at least she’ll be who I wasn’t.
You gave me the best memories, now you are just a memory.
I wanted you to be the one, baby. But the one for you- isn’t me.
I’ll be hurting for a while, but you’ll just see me with a smile.
I want you to be happy, even if it means you’re not with me.
Just know that I am thankful, you fooled my life yet you made it full.


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