Netball Goals

“And the last person is… Millie.”
That’s it, my time’s over, I haven’t been chosen for my school’s netball team. I had tried so hard but I didn't make it. I was so depressed, that I didn't even notice that a lot of other girls didn't make it. I felt like my friends had just got on a plane and travelled way ahead of me and I had just been left depressed and alone.

I began to notice another girl who looked the same age as me, she also looked upset about the team, so I went over to her. As I walked past my friends they began to say things like “look Sam didn't make the team” one of them muttered “I wonder why?” They said a lot more nasty things but I ignored them and went over to the other girl. I crouched down next to her and introduced myself, so did she. She explained that she was the top netballer back in New Zealand but she had to move to Australia because of her father's death. As she explained this to me, tears started to roll down her face. I put my arms around her to comfort her just as my friends saw me.

A few days later, Nicky (the girl from before) and i, were out in my backyard practicing shooting, when we received a newsletter about a callback for the same team we tried out for. We screamed with disbelief as we raced up the stairs. My mother heard us from a mile away and came running to us:she thought something was wrong. As soon as she saw that we were ok, she wanted to know what all the racket was about.i shoved the flier out to her with a big grin on my face.

It took her a moment to read it but after she had read it she had a worried look on her face. She explained that she doesn't think it is a good idea if I retryout because the girls that tried out last time were amazing netballers. I told her that even if I don't make it I would feel better knowing that I tried my best and never gave up.

As Nicky and I arrived at the try-outs, we held hands and nervously walked in. After we had finished I felt that we did really great but I don't know what the coaches thought. In the glimpse of my eye I saw my old friends doing their try-outs. We waited patiently for the teams to be revealed. I was clenching my teeth in fear for what might happen. I fiddled with my fingers as my stomach did somersaults. Here come the coaches! “The last 2 people are… Nicky and Sam,” we both made it.

Here I am on the court at our grand final, this is the most important game. There’s one second left, I just got the ball, shoot and score. We won!!!!