You sit there, cloaked in the comfort of your screen.
The letter appears, the same almost every time.
You don’t say what letter you would like in return.
But I know what you want, I know why you’re here.
I type the truthful letter, knowing it won’t do me any good.
Before I know it, it is the same, the same word that seems to crush my soul every time.
You don’t realise, you don’t know why I am here.
The second I respond with the word I know you don’t want, the screen turns blank.
You have left, I will never have the chance to speak to why I am here.
You don’t care, you won’t ever care.
I should know better by now, but the last bit of hope in me is shouting.
Telling me to try, I am doubting whether or not to listen.
I click the button, the one that gets me into this mess.
I am waiting, waiting to see the same message yet again.
But it is different, it is not like the rest, it is a single letter.

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