Harry Potter And The Deathly Arrival

Choo Choo, and I’m off to Hogwarts. My heart is beating as fast as a cheater, this feeling is indescribable.

Hi my name is Albus Severes Potter, today is my first day at Hogwarts and I’m hoping to get chosen for Gryffindor, just like my father. However, because of my middle name my chances are pretty even, between Gryffindor and Slytherin. 19 years ago my father killed the most powerful wizard in the world, Lord Voltimort. Knowing his experience at Hogwarts makes me a little nervous. Luckily I have Aunty Hermione and Uncle Ron’s daughter, Rose.

As we enter Hogwarts together, the ceremony starts. Everyone is getting called up one by one to the sorting hat. I begin thinking to myself, what will happen if I get chosen for Slytherin? “Rose Weasley”, it’s Rose’s go. “Gryffindor” exclaims the sorting hat. “Yes” Rose cheers. “Albus Potter”, it’s my go, I take a deep breath and walk up to the sorting hat. Everyone’s watching as I wait, “Gryffindor” announces the sorting hat. Everyone cheers with excitement, “Another Potter in Gryffindor” Minerva McGonagall the headmistress declares. As I walk to the Gryffindor table a gush of wind appears, I hear a voice saying “Albus Potter I am coming for you, I will kill you just like your father killed my father” announces the gush of wind. I am freaking out, could it be?

As I sit in my Astronomy class another gush of wind appears, it’s the same voice saying “meet me at the forbidden dark forest Albus or else”. I decide to be brave like my father. I take my wand and head towards the forbidden dark forest. Suddenly I get a glimpse of him, his skin is turquoise. He shouts “Incarcarcus”. He uses a spell to wrap me in rope, luckily I break free using a new spell. “Crucio” I cause him intense pain. “This is not over” he expresses with anguish.

It’s lunch time, Rose and I are drinking our pumpkin juice, a strong gust of wind appears saying “Meet me at the forbidden graveyard, we are not finished”. At 2pm I arrive at the graveyard with only my wand. As we spot each other he screams “Avad Keavra” Luckily he misses. “Crucio” he strikes. “Aaaahhh! You struck me”. I get up with strong determination and scream “Avad Keavra” I vanquish him. Suddenly, there is a pain in my chest, I see Rose bolting towards me, but before she gets to me I fall asleep. I’m not sure if I’m in heaven or dreaming. Then in a distance I see Dumbledore, my father's old friend. “Albus you did it, you’re okay” Dumbledore exclaims. “Am I dead?” I ask. He laughs and says “you know the answer to that”.

I slowly open my eyes and my father Harry Potter is standing right in front of me. “Father you're here”, “yes I’m here Albus” he responds “Albus you’re a true Potter”.

Now I’m the second most powerful wizard. Who will be next?


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