Carni Chaos

Excellence Award in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

It was a beautiful sunny day. Jacob and Thomas were two best friends who loved a good adventure and they just could not wait to go to the carnival that day, but little did they know it was going to be a terrifying trip. On entering the carnival, they were inexplicably drawn to the spooky haunted house, which was covered in spooky cobwebs and had a strange glow emanating from shutters and it had gooey green slime on the wooden door.
"Let's go in Thomas!" Jacob said excitedly.
"Okay Jacob but stay with me at all times" Thomas said worriedly.
They were only in there for a moment when they started hearing scary cries for help.
"HELPPPP MEEE" the voice said. It sounded like a young boy and he was nearby.
"HELPPPP MEEE". Both boys start d to feel goose bumps on their arms.
The boys replied, "Where are you?" The young voice once started to talk again
"l am right behind you".
The boys slowly turned around warily and they both looked into each other’s eyes for reassurance. To their horror, they found a ghost staring them in the eyes. The boys just stood there in shock not saying a word. “These are excellent special effects Thomas, this dude actually looks real!” Laughed Jacob.
"The name is Steve," the ghost said. As the boys stood there staring at the pale, translucent figure of Steve smiling eerily, both boys realized that this was no computer generated effect this ghost was real. Their hearts pumped violently in their chest as they ran frantically towards the exit.
"Wait where are you going?" cried Steve.
"HELP, HELP USSSSS" the boys screamed. The exit was locked. "Please don't hurt us we are only y children".
The ghost replied in a confused voice "Hurt you? l just want some friends to play with" Steve said sadly.
"Okay will play with you Steve," Thomas said, “But we will have to leave soon.”

Steve begged Thomas and Jacob not to go. "l am so lonely here, it’s hard to live for 100yrs with no friends. I was murdered here 100yrs ago, I was murdered by a carnival worker while I slept in my bed".
"You mean this was this your house? Cried Jacob.
"Why yes", replied Steve. Both the boys felt sad for Steve. Maybe they could help him be free. Just then, a white light appeared in the mirror. A sheer figure of a young girl appeared.
"Steve, Steve is that you?” cried the young apparition. The boys all looked at the mirror. Steve had tears of joy.
"Selina is that you?" Steve cried.
"Yes my love it’s truly me" Selina replied in a high-pitched voice. Selina had been stuck in the mirror but they needed a live person to believe in them so they could be reunited.
“Thank you Thomas and Jacob, we will never forget you.”
Selina and Steve played together every day and they both lived happily ever after.

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