A Body's Story

“Mmm, delicious ice-cream, in you go, 3,2,1,” said the human taking a bite of the treat.
“ Ohh, someone’s been eating something cold,” said teeth. “I want to try this dessert, 3,2,1. Where did the piquant dessert go?” That night everyone gathered to talk about what they did.
“Hey, guys what did you do today?” yawned voice box.
“We ran, walked and rested,” said feet together.
“ I was going to eat a nutritious breakfast, delicious lunch and dinner along with a frozen treat but didn’t taste anything.” said teeth miserably.
“ Well, that’s a coincidence as those are the same things I had actually eaten today!” exclaimed stomach.
“Wait, you took all the food?” teeth questioned stomach.
“Well if you didn’t know, the food the human eats goes to you, you chew it and it comes to me to get digested,” explained stomach.
“Well, we have another day tomorrow so let’s get some sleep,” said the voice box and dozed off straight away.
Later that night, teeth couldn’t sleep so he talked to his friend tongue.
“It’s not fair that I have to do all the work chewing the tasty food, and then stomach gets to eat it all!” said teeth angrily.
“It’s okay teeth,” said tongue. “ We’ll talk tomorrow.”
The next day, the human woke up, did his routine and got ready for work. He had breakfast, showered and headed off. He came back late that night and fell asleep straight away.
“What did you do today everyone?” asked voice box.
“We did what we do regularly,” said feet. “But somethings not fair.” We do all the footwork like walking but eyebrows don’t do anything but they get the same amount of rest like us.”
“Yeah like I do all the chewing and stomach gets all the food.” said teeth stepping in. “ But we still get the same amount of rest!”
“ I have an idea,” said brain. “How about we all take a day rest one by one. Then no one will fight!”
“ That actually could work!” said teeth.
“Today nose can have the rest,” said brain.
So everyone went to sleep knowing tomorrow might be their day until.. nose started snoring.
“ZzzzzzzZzz,” snored nose as if he couldn’t hear anyone.
After a restless night, brain declared it would be feet’s turn to rest today.
“ Let’s get up and why won’t my legs move?” said human trying to get his legs to move. “Oh well, I’ll take the day off today.”
The same story continued for all the body parts but it wasn’t helping them at all.
“ Who will rest today?” thought brain.
“ Can I rest today brain?” asked heart.
“No, you can’t rest.” everyone exclaimed.
“Why not? I continuously pump blood to the body and now I am tired.” said heart.
“ Well, if you rest then everyone will be resting forever.” said brain.
Then everyone understood that they should be happy with how much rest they get as the heart doesn’t get to rest at all.


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