Taronga Zoo Trip

On the 1st of August we left school at 9:00am and then we went to Sydney. We stopped at the Planetarium. In the Planetarium we a watched a star show and we played with gadgets and then we went and watched a liquid nitrogen show.

We went to a park for lunch then we saw people jumping from planes and parachuting. Someone nearly hit a tree. We played a game with Mr Vucic. We hopped back on the bus and drove to Taronga Zoo and then we took our bags off the bus and walked into the zoo and waited till the zoo keepers got there to explain what was happening. We then went to our tents and saw giraffes.

We had dinner and then we went on a night walk and split up into two groups. Carol, our zoo keeper guide, took us to see the lions and we had to use a red light so it didn’t hurt their eyes. She told us some stories.
We then went to look at the view and see the Harbour Bridge. Then we went to bed.

We woke up a 6am and then we went to the Farmyard and fed some chickens and goats. We went to the reptile house and saw anacondas and snakes and lizards. There was a snake that can grow up to 10m long. We also saw more animals again.
We went to the seal show and I got to pat a seal. I got to give the seal a handshake. Then we went to see a bird show and got to pat a snake.
Then we had lunch and got on the bus to come home.